TCMS Blog List images add a margin in a Source Project


I have a small issue with a TCMS Blog List in my Source Project.

TCMS Blog List Images are generating a margin of around 30px to the left. This is happening automatically, without my control. Does anyone know how I can take back control of this element?

My work around solution is to add additional padding to the top and to the right but that’s probably not the best solution. Any suggestions would be great.

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Welcome to RW4ALL.

The image you have highlighted is in a list for some reason and 3rem (30px) is applied to the left. I am not familiar enough with TCMS but I’m sure others here are, and can chime in.


Thanks Gary.

If you add this CSS it should fix things up: .post-image li{margin: 0}

As TCMS is using a list to layout the content it is picking up some of the Source list styling.

FIXED!!! Thank you Stuart :)

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Blogs looks perfectly aligned now. A genuinely interesting and well laid out blog.

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