TCMS Blog setup suggestions

For all of you blog afficianados:
I’m doing a site for this guy who runs/hosts a few podcasts. My plan is to create for seperate pages (one for each podcast) and I’m trying to decide if I should have a single blog filtered by categories (i.e. the name of each podcastshow) or 4 blogs, one for each podcasts.

I’m thinking that the main downside to a single blog might be the potential for screw-ups (if the client, for example, mis-types the podcast. The downside of seperate blogs would be a more cluttered admin.

What would you all do?

It kind of hinges also on the blog list filtering/searching on the public page(s).
Does the search/filter need to be separated? Does each podcast need it’s own separate blog list?
Do you want the category/ tags to bring back results across all four podcasts?
Those questions will give you the answer. Simplicity wise, on the admin side, I don’t think it really matters, you could give a create post button that "stuffs the author (or whatever) field value if need be.

I can’t say definitively, but I don’t think there’ll even be searching/filtering on the public facing side.

So, Podcast 1 would be on it’s own page and the blog list would be just that podcast (in the case of the single blog, it would show only the ‘Podcast 1’ category). I don’t think he needs to filter any further than that on each seperate show.

If there were a main page on the public side for all of the podcasts, it might just be a grid of all shows, with a box showing the most recent post/episode from each individual show. Clicking that would take you to the show page. But there wouldn’t ever be a master list on the public side where you would filter/search through the shows all together, I dont think.

Seeing as all the fields will be the same, I was thinking a single blog would be easier for the Admin side, since the only difference would/should be the name of the show (i.e. the Category tag).

Well, there you go then. One blog will do it.

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