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I have a client who needs a TCMS-driven website (mostly pictures of unique things to sell…and the turn over is quite high). I’m thinking in this case, it makes perfect sense to purchase a template where someone else has done the bulk of the work. Although I know these exist, I have no idea where to look. Suggestions?

I’m also open to Pulse, but have absolutely zero experience with it. Any thoughts on it would be appreciated, too.

Hipster Weaver had some good ones with some clever Admin sections, but his site has been MIA for a while. I think @Webdeersign might have a couple. @jochenabitz has a couple… The RW Community SIte has a ‘projects’ section now, but it’s not immediately clear what nes are TCMS-designed.

I’ve only used Pulse on one site (and it’s an outdated version now). I liked it but might feel iffy handing that to a client to figure out the Admin. Again, this is Pulse 4, so things may have changed. TCMS can have a super user-friendly back end.

Thanks, Jason! I purchased one of @Webdeersign’s template for a different project I’m working on - it’s worked out great, but it’s not TCMS-based. I wish Jon still had his for sale - as I recall, he had a couple of CMS templates that were beautifully designed. I’ve begun designing this site on my own - which is fine. I had just hoped someone else would have done the admin panel/naming of all the buckets/etc. for me. To me, it’s worth the $20 or $30 they charge.

I feel like I saw Jon on Weavers Space not too long ago. If you message him there, maybe he’d hook you up if you’re not too far along your project.

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My very first project - Project1 was a TCMS EasyCMS project with a TCMS page and an admin page all setup and working. It was however, a great deal of work to get it documented and tested and then going forward there were a lot of TCMS updates. Also every TCMS page needs a custom admin area so the project model wasn’t a good fit for cutting and pasting layouts from a project. Consequently I didn’t create any more TCMS projects.

I also did a few Pulse 4 projects and they were very easy and quick to setup and test and were a better fit for use in projects. When Pulse 5 came along, it had a very different pricing model which I didn’t feel was a good match for projects.


Can TCMS and Source work together?

TCMS should work with any framework and is not framework dependant.

So I would yes they can work together.

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