Test and Trace

I’ve lost count of how much the UK government has spent on the creation of the app, it was £2 billion, then it went up to £12 billion and if the newspapers are anything to go by its now £23 billion. It still doesn’t work. Apple and Microsoft offered their working apps for free (citation needed).

I think communally we can band together and use our design experience and technical knowledge (the latter limited to the devs on here obviously) and design and produce an alternative working app for a fraction of the price, say £1 billion. Equal shares obviously, although as the instigator I should get a bit more.

Shall we set up a Zoom for Monday 9am GST and start the proposal?

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Money well spent if it makes Matt Hancock self isolate.

It must have been quite a shock to him that the system is still running.

A track and trace system based on RW - That should end well !

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It can’t be any worse but I was referring to an app.

As long as it doesn’t depend on a Google Sheet — and someone gets columns mixed up with rows — it should be okay!

If anyone here is married to a Cabinet Minister, it should be possible to ask quite a lot more than the £1bn IMO. (Actually, I’d ask for €1bn — just saying…)

My Uncle used to patrol the House of Commons when he was in the Met and got to know a lot of the MPs so theoretically he should be awarded a £500 million PPE contract.