Testing Tardis Stack

I would like some advice for testing Tardis Stack.
I created a somewhat complex logic between Tardis and Tardis days and unfortunately Tardis Test does not work well, it changes the day of Sunday to Thursday example October 16 2022 tells me that it is Thursday, instead it is Sunday, I do not understand if the problem depends on that today is Thursday and it creates confusion, anyway…
is there a way to verify and test (change date) the project via safari?
I am afraid to change the date from the system preferences, I would not want to create problems for my Mac.
Any suggestions?

Because it was Thursday today 😉 As I said on Weaver’s Space: I think Tardis Test stack is broken, when testing it simply does nothing and thus uses the current date and time of the server. And your server is, when doing a preview, your mac.

You could use something like MAMP, though I’m not sure if it has an independent clock. Or use a docker instance. Or Parallels, vmware or virtualbox.

Thanks, unfortunately in the other forum everything is very confused, I had not read your comment.
Here the problems are solved.
I’ll follow your advice, thanks.

Yes, the replies aren’t too visible on that community. Sometimes they appear in the thread and sometimes they are hidden behind a small link. Anyway, I ‘m glad it’s solved. I hope Joe fixes the test stack soon, that’ll make it a lot easier.

Joe updated Tardis already! Incredible work ethic, really admirable, recommendable! Thanks Joe! 👍😃


great, works really well 👍

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