Thank you marten

In 2019 I’m launching an appointment booking platform for the barber sector. I’ve been working on this for almost a year, trailing various systems with some barbers and it was almost ready to go, I just felt the site I built to wrap around the booking system wasn’t 100%: I’m good with function but lacking a bit when it comes to visual flair, something crucial to the barber business.

So I recently fired up a post here looking for some help and Marten offered his help. I sent him what I had got and he sent me back his version.

I’ve now amalgamated the two and other than the need to sort the fonts out and some of the images, it’s pretty much ready to go from a design POV.

So a huge thanks to Marten for the help, much appreciated.


Kewl site man 🥃🚬🧔

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It’s taken a bloody long time to get it to that point!

This was the first version: which is in use by a few barbers.

Design isn’t my strong point. But I’m getting better.

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Looks great Steve. But then yours didn’t look so bad either lol. Marten does have that “edge” tho doesn’t he!!! (Shush, dont tell him!!)

BTW what is the booking module that you are using or is it bespoke?

Nice work, Steve, the amalgamation works really well.

Here are the optimised images I considered (mostly from Unsplash and Pexels).

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That was the very first version, done about a year ago, that version has been in use by a few barbers.

My version of the latest design, that Marten worked up is here: I do like my version, it took me bloody ages to get it there, but it just didn’t pop IMO: It’s too much like one of my designs, if that makes sense.

Marten took it and revamped it, adding in some new elements, changing some colours and giving it a dose of animation. I’ve taken what I thought was the best of Martens bits and the final result (excluding the fonts and some images) is linked above.

The changes Marten made in many instances were subtle, but made a big difference. The biggest for me was changing the background colour from white to very dark grey. It’s such a simple change but has made the site a lot less “work” and a lot more “chic”.

The whole process has been a really good exercise in the evolution of a website and how a fresh set of eyes can make all the difference.

I will most likely make both my last version and the Marten improved version available to clients, plus some new ones that will be based of my recently purchased P17 & P18 from @Webdeersign (who if you haven’t discovered, sells some beautifully designed ready-made templates:


Can’t wait to see this @steveb and glad you are going through with it :)


Don’t start celebrating just yet 🤣

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