Thanks for signing up - did you know?

The categories dropdown will let you select the appropriate area for your posts - by developer and then by subcategory. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to post, everyone will see things in the general category.

If you have specific BWD support requests then please use the Support channel by clicking the link at the top when in the BWD category.

Did you know there is an iOS app for Discourse forums (like this one and the RealMac forum). You can get notifications on your iPhone and use multiple forums.

You can download the Discourse Hub app here:


Thanks @tav, never knew about the iOS app. Happy days!

Its really only a browser wrapper but it is convenient to have everything in one place and the notification badges are very useful.

It’ll do nicely. I always found it a pain on the mobile browser. This is nicer.

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If we have BWD questions, is this the preferred place to ask (as opposed to Weavers Space or the RW Forum)?

It is up to you.

This is an additional resource where more developers can potentially work together to solve problems / offer solutions.

We do not want to poach users from other forums or create animosity.

I will still be answering questions on both WS and the RM forums but I do want to migrate my support to this service over time. I get a lot of support tickets that would probably be better served by the forum support category ( as they are quite general and others could search the solutions), this is the main motivation for using this space.

In addition, I want to use this area to provide a resource of examples, set ups and other useful tidbits that would get lost in the expanse of other platforms.


good to hear, the other rw forums feel a little too old fashioned,
also important that BWD is supporting this source,
he is a great source of new ideas and stacks!

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Very helpful information and easy to handle the different forums.