The HYPE Around RapidWeaver [Review]

As a regular reader of my RapidWeaver reviews, I sure that you remember that the last time I used a theme was back in 2012. There are, however, developers that still eek out a living by developing themes and there are enough of those developers to suggest that the majority of RW sites are built by Weavers that prefer the convenience of a prefabricated theme. After all – it’s so simple: tweak the theme’s settings to suit your design requirements then add the theme to each of your pages. Conformity guaranteed!

Michelangelo from Multithemes is one of the developers that delivers high quality and highly customisable themes. His latest creation, HYPE, is no exception.

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@rob thanks for the review!
You described my work philosophy well. I think a user should have the ability to build a site with minimal resources, even without plugins. My themes offer improved versions of RW pages (two columns, fluid image /video, responsive text and icon and so on).
I offer several solutions and all my demos also have third-party stacks and plugins. Hype is a good example.

thanks again!