The Lighthouse PageSpeed 100 100 100 100 Club

If you achieve a 100 100 100 100 report using Lighthouse PageSpeed, add your site, or indeed any site, here.

I’ll kick this off with the refreshed Source site created by Stuart, which achieves 100% for mobile and desktop!


Thanks @Webdeersign!

I just updated the site yesterday actually :)

Think it looks a bit more modern and fresh than the old site. And of course good to see it getting those scores too!


Curious, was this straight Source stacks or did it require hand coding as well?

Hi @Mark -

Yes - 100% Source/Source Addon stacks. The only custom code/CSS was for the text gradient effects where I added the required code into a Container Base stack.

It also uses a new Sticky stack that i thought i had released already but will come with the next update to the Addon pack.



Here is another:

Some code used to implement Variable fonts (which was not really worth the effort).


I know this is slightly off-topic but Stuart’s refreshed Source site does look terrific. And that “sticky” effect on the quote sections at the bottom of the page is intriguing. Looking forward to more Source goodness.


There is this one of course:

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Yeah, but it doesn’t fare so well through w3 validator throwing up a ton of errors and warnings showing code errors. I’m ignoring the info messages, just looking at errors and warnings:

The things listed are incredibly minor / insignificant.

The next update to Source though will tweak how blank ID values are handled. Have re-published the Source site with this change already.

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