The Lighthouse PageSpeed 100 100 100 100 Club

If you achieve a 100 100 100 100 report using Lighthouse PageSpeed, add your site, or indeed any site, here.

I’ll kick this off with the refreshed Source site created by Stuart, which achieves 100% for mobile and desktop!


Thanks @Webdeersign!

I just updated the site yesterday actually :)

Think it looks a bit more modern and fresh than the old site. And of course good to see it getting those scores too!


Curious, was this straight Source stacks or did it require hand coding as well?

Hi @Mark -

Yes - 100% Source/Source Addon stacks. The only custom code/CSS was for the text gradient effects where I added the required code into a Container Base stack.

It also uses a new Sticky stack that i thought i had released already but will come with the next update to the Addon pack.



Here is another:

Some code used to implement Variable fonts (which was not really worth the effort).


I know this is slightly off-topic but Stuart’s refreshed Source site does look terrific. And that “sticky” effect on the quote sections at the bottom of the page is intriguing. Looking forward to more Source goodness.


There is this one of course:

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Yeah, but it doesn’t fare so well through w3 validator throwing up a ton of errors and warnings showing code errors. I’m ignoring the info messages, just looking at errors and warnings:

The things listed are incredibly minor / insignificant.

The next update to Source though will tweak how blank ID values are handled. Have re-published the Source site with this change already.


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The main SOURCE site is even more impressive when you look at the performance improvement opportunities that PageSpeed flags up, such as:

17 Image elements do not have explicit width and `height’
Avoid an excessive DOM size 1,200 elements

Yet even with these “brakes” being applied, the SOURCE site still gets 100 100 100 100 for mobile and desktop!

Normally, not defining width and height will knock down the result significantly, yet when the rest of the site is so fast, it doesn’t slow the site to stop it getting 100%! A large DOM count such as 1200 shows that the site is complex and there is a lot of content on the page. Yet even with that large amount on the page, the code is so light and the way SOURCE has been implemented, means the DOM count doesn’t matter.

Looking forward to more sites getting posted here.

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I am just waiting for StacksApp to release or for BlocsApp to get to 100 x3. I will not spend anymore money or time with RW. In the meantime WP Genesis has been filling my personal needs, almost 100 x3. I need the Quiz Maker plug-in for our training websites.

For Wordpress, there’s Bricksbuilder if you want a really fast website. And with Blocs, 100 x3 is not a problem if you address the issues that google complains about. Can’t help with the Bootstrap Framework taking a bit more to load than a self coded webpage or maybe Source ;)

This is my current work in progress with Blocs, that I’m trying to replicate with Foundry 3 atm (On other pages, the performance is even higher, still some optimisation missing). This this is mobile. It’s 100 x 4 on Desktop of course). I’m getting 98-99% on mobile perfomance with Foundry 3 so far, accessibility won’t go to 100, because I cannot add aria-labels to links (yet), which I hope is going to be addressed. That’s really needed.


For clarity are you submitting a Blocs site?

Oops, yes. Sorry. And it’s not even 100 x 4 ;)

You renegade 😎



Their site certainly isn’t really fast or even plain fast. They make lots of smoke and mirror claims with nothing to back it up.

P.S. Your site seems to have got worse. Your accessibility and SEO have dropped from 100 each.

Edit. Looks like your site has changed from the fast Blocs version and is now built with Foundry. I assume V3, yet jQuery is being loaded!

Which isn’t a fault of the theme. As soon as you add a stack with a requirement to jQuery, Stacks will load it.

Yeah, I am trying to build the site with Foundry 3 to have a play with it. The Blocs Version is still there. Just add /blocs to the link. Not all links might work though, since I just copied it over, not changing some links I needed to set manually.

I too noticed that jQuery was loaded by stacks and wondered why. The only non-foundry stack I added was @doobox ‘s Obscure. So that must be the culprit then.

I was around 97 on performance before that.

But I don’t want to ruin the 100x4 thread by this.

You are not ruining the thread at all. You should be congratulated for your Blocs5 site achieving 100x4 for desktop and 99 100 100 100 for mobile.

Even more impressive is that it is also loading jQuery v3.6.1 and it still gets 100%. That will be a shock to some Weavers. - built with BLOCS5

Edit Site moved from dev area to URL andscreenshot updated

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