The website is buggy

What to do this such customers…?:

“The website is buggy. All days somebody reports problems and bugs”

Me: “Can you describe the problem?”

“No, it’s just buggy. Some visitors of the website report problems”

Me: “What problems do they report?”

“Do not know. But they tell me, it ist buggy”


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I get support tickets like that - unfortunately with no information, there is nothing to do other than hope they go away.


Customer: When are you going to finish the website?
Me: Huh???
Customer: It still doesn’t have buttons to navigate back to the previous page!
Me: What about the buttons from the browser interface?
Customer: Don’t talk to me about software interfaces, I used to design them. Where are these buttons you’re talking about??


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Charge them for an intense evaluation with no promise of satisfactory results (e. g. Technical issues outside your control). :-)


ok im leaving the forum today :(