Thumbnails blurred

I wonder if anyone has a solution to this little problem - The thumbnail images in this website are rendering badly. Full sized images render well. I am using a TotalCMS gallery (Joe Workman) integrated with Photo (Nick Cates). The website in question is

If you are auto-generating the thumbnails in the Photo stack could it be that the resolution is too low for the way you are displaying them?

The alternative is to warehouse the images and create custom thumbnails, although that will involve a bit more work!

You can set the size and quality of the thumbs in Tcms ( you will have to re-upload the images after as it won’t change the ones already uploaded.)

Thank you Scott. That is a setting I overlooked.

Thank you for your suggestion. It seems, however, there is a setting in Total CMS which sets the size and quality of thumbnails.

I now see that because I am using the Photo/TotalCMS integration I don’t have the option mod determining the quality of the thumbnails. I have sent a support request to Nick Cates the creator of the ‘Photo’ stack hoping that he might have a solution.