Time tracking app

I’ve been using OfficeTime to track my hours but the new version is just too bonkers for me to get my head round.

Sooo, I wondered if the team had a time-tracking app they’d recommend?

I’d prefer a one-off purchase than a subscription
I’d prefer an app to an online service
I’d prefer something that didn’t require me to set up an account
I’d prefer something really simple - don’t need invoicing, don’t need reports, I’m the only person who’s going to use it

Be interested to hear what people are using.



A clock?


I’ve been using Timelime for many, many years now and can only recommend it:

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I’ve used Timemator previously. It’s good.

One off payment or free with a Setapp subscription.

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I have been using Toggl for years - free for up to 5 users, and works on pretty much any device. https://www.toggl.com

Thanks everyone.

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Is Timeline free? I can’t find any pricing details.

Hi Konfuzzious. As far as I know Timelime (take care of the spelling cause it may be important) is free for 14 days, after which you have to pay a one time fee. As far as I remember for me it’s been about 14 Euro back in 2013…

Ah yes, it’s 21,99 euro now.
It didn’t show (or I didn’t look properly) on my iPad when visiting the Mac App Store, but when I open the link on my iMac it shows the price. Thank you for the recommendation.

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