Timezone setting in Repository stack

The ‘Repository’ stack has a timezone setting. The documentation shows the ‘Europe/Berlin’ example, and I wondered which other settings would be supported. A quick search revealed that it is a standard timezone description used in PHP.

For all the fellow laymen in the forum please have a look at the following link to help find your timezone ;)

PHP Timezones

(@Jannis maybe add that to your documentation ?)


Some correction:
While the PHP timezones are properly described in the link, I was misleading when implying that entering such a timezone in the ‘Repository’ stack settings would change the displayed timezone. The displayed timezone apparently depends on the PHP setting running on the respective server. It is possible, however, to define / set the timezone in the PHP options - I could do this in cPanel, and afterwards the displayed dates/times in the ‘Repository’ stack adhere to the set timezone.

Sorry for the confusion - just learning to walk ;)