Tipp: Useful Gallery/TotalCMS/Limelight feature

The above is still in development but shouldn’t change too much.

I have 4 TotalCMS galleries: Domestic Interiors, Domestic Exteriors, NonDom Interiors and NonDom Exteriors
In the public page above I have 6 Limelights, I have inStacks Gallery in the 1st 5, each of which has a combination of the above TotalCMS galleries as their sources.
The TotalCMS sources are set to shuffle AND the Gallery is set to Shuffle … the result … all the images from all the TotalCMS sources are mixed in with each other AND its a different order on each page load AND its a different order in each Limelight/Gallery.

I’m sure that other gallery sources will have a similar result.

The Pano’s are a TotalCMS bloglist within the 5th LL


Interesting but not sure if there is an issue with it or you are pointing out the usefulness of such a solution.

One thing I would say is that making the sources shuffle would make the experience very frustrating for repeat visitors.

Nice Paul! Thanks for sharing 👍

I deliberately want the shuffle, this will be just a very small selection (200 or so) of images I’ve done, the galleries when properly filled will have 100’s each of which only a random 50ish from each will be shown when the public page is viewed … I want the experience to be different each time.

The aim of the portfolio is to show ‘what I can do’ not so much ‘what I’ve done’ hence I’m not really concerned about someone being able to re-find a specific image.

Once I’ve fleshed out the pages I’ll return to the home page and fill it with a little of everything from the other pages so that someone only viewing it and not any other page will have a clear idea of what we do/are. I’m going to have a hero gallery there with maybe 10 or so really good images.

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Ah understood. I was commenting on the random thing from an architects customers point of view, who would typically use the galleries to check out photos of past work in detail and may visit the page many times.

Galleries in Limelights are a great solution.

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Totally agree, for an architect’s site I want the images by project and to have an order to them as its about the building not the images.
This site though is about 3D modeling/rendering of buildings so the nature of the buildings is unimportant, its my skill set/experience that I’m trying to sell.

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Well you’ve done a great job them:)


I love your unorthodoxy. And the subtle ease and timing of all your effects. And the ruler.

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I think that’s the nicest way anyone has ever described my blatant stack abuse … damn these onions I’m mysteriously suddenly chopping ;)