Titles and image size

Is there any way to have the image titles appear at the bottom of the image no matter the image size. Is the image size entirely dependent on the image itself or is there an easy way in Rapidweaver to make all the images in a gallery the same size? I am using Foundation and either baguette or light gallery but I’ll change if I can manipulate the title location this way. Thanks, and pardon the question if it’s a dumb one.

Please share a screenshot with more details what you would like to have adjusted.

I would like the title to always align with the bottom edge of the image. Must I change the dimensions of all the images so they are big enough to abut the title bar? thanks for you help. I’d sure like to change the title font size as well.

The caption is aligned with the bottom of the browser and not that easy to change.

In order to change the caption font size, use following CSS on the page:

#baguetteBox-slider figcaption {
    font-size: 20px;
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