TopBox is going open source

The TopBox stack remains one of the most popular stack elements I sell. Unfortunately the original codebase it was built upon (Nivo Lightbox) is no longer maintained.

For several weeks I have been working on an extensive rewrite of the underlying lightbox source code; with the intention of merging-in my various bug fixes, making lots of improvements and adding some more “nice to have” features people have been asking for - including support for many more content types.

A demo site and documentation has been published here:

If you are only interested in grabbing the source, click here:

If you are developing websites and need a powerful yet flexible lightbox effect, I recommend you give TopBox a try. It is MIT licensed, so you are free to add it to any website.

The TopBox stack remains a paid stack and will be receiving a major update, hopefully within the next couple of weeks. Tentatively I’m saying Easter. Like now, the stack will include a modern UI and extended feature set not available in the Github branch.

There are also experiments ongoing towards getting TopBox compiled as a Wordpress plugin and a ‘Bric’ for BlocsApp. So my ambition is to try and get TopBox everywhere!


IMHO exactly the right direction to take

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I’m just using TopBox with Super forms from 1LD and something is not looking good… I will just wait the update. So I don’t bug you :) …maybe will take the glitch away.

Please share the link in a new thread. If it can’t be seen or replicated, it will not be fixed.