TopBox with Super forms from 1LD

Hi Will,
check this page and click on “request Price/Catalog” It let you put the input in but they are getting cover from the “suggestion box”… you will see it.

Still under development the website.

In this page outside of TopBox works ok.


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Does Super Forms stack run Javascript code on the document ready or window load event handlers?

If so, you will need to re-initialise that code using our built in TopBox callbacks, so that the form will load properly when the Topbox opens.

Currency I suspect you code fires when the page is first loaded and the form is not within the DOM. Therefore the form Javascript is unable to return the objects it needs to do the fancy label box animations and such like - because they are not in the page at that point in time. Your form HTML only comes into the DOM when the TopBox is opened.

There is no fault. TopBox is working exactly as expected. This is the lazy-loading mechanism. And why we give you callbacks to use, if you want to reinitiate code at different stages of the lightbox process.

Possibly you will get different results using the FancyViewer stack instead, which keeps its contents within the DOM at all times, so any third-party Javascript continues to run okay. Of course FancyViewer does not support lazy-loading so will be inherently less efficient. But might work better for your purpose.

I don’t have any idea… Looks likes is document ready.

So I tested FancyViewr very quick… and looks like going to do the job. I will test more next week…
Thanks!!! and no matter what people says, the Working Demo are the best!! no video, no instructions will beat the Demos.

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