Trigger a PopDrop modal from a Foundry menu item

I have a site that uses Foundry and the nav is via the foundry Mega Menu. I’m looking at utilizing the built-in button for a COVID-19 update modal, where the client can update as need be (they’re a restaurant so they may have changing requirements / announcements).

Anyway, the plan was to use PopDrop. I think I have the details set correctly. Screenshot below. No live link as it is behind a password until it launches later in the week. There are some browser errors when I preview in browser (see other screenshot below).

So, I guess I’m asking if it is an incompatibility or ‘not a feature of mega menu’ or if I’ve done something wrong.

I’m almost certain that the RW link dialog on the built in button will not pass the attributes via the settings. Assuming that you have set the data attributes correctly then this is the most likely problem. (Its why ButtonPlus had a separate attribute setting).

The API for this functionality was only recently fixed in Stacks and I doubt that stack has been updated to accommodate data attributes or would be any how. Look at it in the inspector and find out if your data-pop-drop=“covid” has made it through to the HTML (prob not).

I’m also presuming there is no facility for a custom button by using a drop zone?

The alternative would be to use Limelight. This is triggered from a class name and not an attribute. Class names have always worked when the RW link dialog is triggered from a link control in the settings so that will definitely work.

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“The navigation is not designed to handle that.”

@tav Are you saying that even though this capability was introduced in S4, devs need to take advantage of it to use it?

Yeah, no drop zone. Adam said on his forum that it isn’t possible to do with the Foundry modals but I gave limelight a shot and it seems to work.

Edit: and you’re, right, the data-pop-drop=covid made it into the popdrop part of the inspector, but not the link in the nav. Limielight will do the trick though