Trouble with z-index of dropdown-menu in F6 project

On this page of a client site I am working on I have added a Limelight Bar on the right side to switch content inside a Sections Pro stack in the main area of the page: Schimmelpilze | GAEA Umweltconsulting
The switching works just fine, but I now do have trouble with the dropdown-submenus, which are hidden beneath the content of the Sections Pro stack. I already tried a lot to fix this, but without success. So maybe @tav or another one has an idea how to fix this…?

You have added a sticky class to the menu which sets the z-index to 1

You have also set the SectionsPro following it to a z-index of 1.

Because it is later in the order of the DOM then it will be on top. It is all behaving exactly as you have instructed it to do so.

Either set the menu to a z-index of 2 or more (99 would be fine and still low for a fixed position menu) or change the section back to the default value of 0 on the priority control.

Thanks Tav for that quick reply. I changed the setting in the Sections stack at priority control to 0. But that made no difference. Then I looked at the Sticky stack (F6) and noticed that it has no setting to control the z-index. So I created a swatch to set the z-index to 99 and assigned this swatch to the Sticky stack. But still no luck… :-/ Any more ideas…?

OK - change your z-front class to 9999 and it will work

The reason is that for Foundation 1, I had to remove z-index 0 from sections pro because of the weird way that clearing gallery worked. Setting the priority to 0 therefore doesn’t actually set a z-index of 0, rather it just sets nothing so that the stack is position: static.

With a lightbox inside the section it is therefore going on top of the menu.

You could therefore either add a custom class to your column stack that the section is inside setting it to a z-index of 0 or just increase the z-front custom class that you have on the menu to 9999. (The former action would be a little nicer but both are fine)

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Thanks so much, Tav. Setting the z-front class to 9999 did the trick! :-)