True Download 2

Hi Gary: Merry Christmas.

Ive had True Download 2 for a couple of years and never yet managed to get it to work. I can’t see that Im missing anything as the settings are relatively simple. But its not working so something is going a miss!!

Help please.

Here is a page that I have installed it on. Its at the bottom of the page.


Looks like it generates this error in your page:

The source list for Content Security Policy directive 'script-src' contains an invalid source: ''strict-dynamic''. It will be ignored.

This looks custom, like I haven’t seen it before. So the best bet is to speak to your host about this.
The php file is working completely because the download count increments, but the file is being blocked by some security measure (I suspect custom to your host).

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Thanks Gary. Host is Chiilidog - Greg.

I’ll contact him

Hey Alix and Gary:

This seems to be a browser issue:

Also, here’s some more information for you:


Add this html to your site (or maybe the Stack?):

<meta http-equiv=“Content-Security-Policy” content=“policy-definition”>

Oh you beat me to it Bri!!! Thanks :) I was leaving you and Greg in peace on tech support until after the holidays!!

Ok so please could you explain? I don’t understand. Is this something I need to do or Gary needs to do to the stack?


Hi Alix,

Gary can add this to do the Stack. It’d go in the <head> section of the Stack/site. He just needs to set the proper policy-definition for Safari. Another way to set the policy is via a .htaccess file but the easiest way would be inside the Stack and HTML directly.


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Thanks all of you!! And on Boxing Day too!!! ;)

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Any chance of a time frame on this?

And if you are busy to do it soon, please let me know so I can change the stack to something else. I have a deadline on this one!

Happy New Year! :)

I’ll look at it in the new year. I’m a little sceptical this is the fix, as the demo shows no such error in Safari. The only difference being the server environment. But, we’ll give it a go.

Edit: I will have a deep dive in the new year, but a quick read up there, makes me think it’s extremely unwise to add this to the stack, as I believe I will either end up blocking other file sources, or force the page to accept any source of files without the owner realising.