Try to use footnotes in the Markdown(Source) stack

I try to use a footnote in a markdown(Source) stack.

I use [^1] and [^1]: for the note

In Macdown it renders OK. After copy-paste to the markdown(Source) stack nothing happens

Bug in Source, stacks or RW???

hi @Sprmte - the markdown processor that RW uses (which the Source Markdown stack taps into) does not support footnotes unfortunately. It would be a feature request for Realmac if that is something you would like to see supported.

Thanks! After my post i tried the markdown plugin from Realmac => same result. So i think you’re right. I am rebuilding my website in Poster (still off-line, but tested with MAMP). And here the footnotes are rendered ok.
So where do i post my request?

greetings dirk v.

Yes - Poster needs to do particular things with markdown files and so loads a different processor.

Via any of their support channels:

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