Tumbl r blog in RW

My client wants to add a Tumblr blog to her rapidweaver site.
She wanst Tumblr or similar rather than a stand alone blog / CMS because she will be posting recipies and wants the comunity of Tumblr or similar.
Is Tumblr a good idea/ the right choice? I have not tried it for about 10 years.
Also is it still easy to add it to RW

Perhaps, you can try MicroBlog from Stacks4stacks : https://stacks4stacks.com/microblog/

I’ve got MicroBlog running on a number of sites, most notably here - https://www.acmemuseumservices.co.uk/ - and it’s working well.

You could also consider the Blogspot stack (Marc's Place - Blogspot.stack).

Obviously the thing to bear in mind when using an external service like Tumblr or Blogger, is that should they change the way they allow third parties to interact with them, you may run into problems.