Turn Poster categories and tags into buttons

I recently posted here and emailed Jannis about turning the categories and tags in Poster into buttons, within a few hours Jannis sent me the code to do it. I’ve now adapted that code slightly and with Jannis permission am making it available to all.

I have quite a few free projects on my blog that use Poster and I will be updating them in due course, but in the meantime to read more, get instructions on how to use it and the code, read my blog post about it…


Awesome Share @steveb - thank you kindly!!

Could you also share some links to some of your Poster installs - always great to get inspiration?


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Hi, best way to see them to mooch around my client portfolio: https://www.caffeineinjection.com/portfolio/ and my templates page: https://www.caffeineinjection.com/templates/ I’d say Poster appears in one shape or form on 70% of the sites listed.

Recent installs, and install on sites still in dev are…

https://www.cookstowncycles.co.uk/brands/ This is the site that inspired the categories as buttons thing.

http://samplesites.caffeineinjection.com/gallery/ This is Poster as a gallery. The project for this one is here for download and use: https://www.baskerville.me/postergallery/

https://www.davidmcconkey.co.uk/blog/ Poster as a regular blog. The interesting thing about this one is the same blog also feeds the blog highlights on the homepage: https://www.davidmcconkey.co.uk/

https://www.baskerville.me/postercart/ This is Poster used with Cart2 to create an online store.

That should give you something to go on.


Thanks kindly @steveb