Turning a PDF into a flipbook

Does anyone have experience with turning a rather large (50 page) PDF into a flip book that can then be published to the web? A good or bad experience with anyone in particular? Thanks!

Yes I am doing that on a regular basis. I am using an application called Flip Pdf. I have another one called 1stflipbook creator pro also. But I got used to Flip Pdf, so I am not using it too much. These are very easy to handle.


Hi, Is it this one?


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Also 1LD’s stack but not sure how it would cope with a large file.



For many years now I am using an app called FlippingBook Publisher Professional:

It’s quite expensive and is a Windows-only app, but I think it’s absolutely worth it. I’m running it without any problems on my vmWare virtual machine and export the finished flipbook either directly to the clients server or to the desktop. An example can be seen here: Magazin | BIG - das Magazin
(work-in-progress for a client site…)


Thanks, everyone! I tried out Flip Pdf on a very large file and it previewed perfectly. I’m pretty sure this is the product my client will go with. Much appreciated!

Is this the link which @Anon posted? Otherwise can you give us the link to this app, @Kent, @dave ?

We just purchased the Premium Edition of this app. I think it’s going to be perfect. PDF Flip Book Converter


@dave Can you tell me if the help texts (Tool tips) can be translated and what is localizable at all…?

Adobe’s embed API is free and delivers a great experience. Easy to implement.


I’m not sure, Matthias - it looks like it just posts the exact same PDF on the web, but allows it to be flipped. There’s not app or anything - there are some files that I transferred to the web server -and I then placed my PDF at the same level. You can see it here: Imaging Indication Guidelines | South Carolina Diagnostic Imaging (scdiag.com)


Thanks @dave. I also bought it an hour ago and had a play with it. Inside the settings.js file there is the option to translate the interface-tooltips (that’s what I asked for). Very easy to set up and works just fine. Much less powerful than FlippingBook Publisher (which I linked above), but just fine for most use cases. :-)

Maybe you can tell me how I can activate the lightbox (in which the flipbook then is displayed) which is demonstrated on the examples page the app?

Thanks, @wolf Yes- I really wanted the one you linked to - but the cost was a determining factor.

If you use the bookshelf option, the books open up in Lightbox. That said, I can’t figure out two things:
How to bring a bookshelf into one of my pages and/or how to create separate Table of Contents. If you look at the demonstration page - you’ll notice that each book has the exact same ToC - Three chapters of five pages each.

What I’d like to do is bring this page into this page. So far, no luck. I’ve reached out to the developer, but haven’t heard back yet. I also tried, unsuccessfully, to bring it in via @tav’s Limelight. But, I guess two lightboxes on one page are conflicting.

Hmm, with “my solution” (FlippingBook Publisher) I made the flipping book you see on this site:
Underneath the flipping book there is a “manually-built” bookshelf using Joes Horizon stack. When clicking on a thumbnail the flipbook opens in the frame above, which is done with Joes Offsite stack.
But I don’t know if this is of any help for you…


I have used the 1LD Pagelit stack (Pagelit RapidWeaver Stack - Animated 3D Books & Magazines) but you need to convert each page to a jpeg. I have also used Flip PDF Builder (https://www.flipbuilder.com) and that has worked well for many years. As I sell the PDFs the main issue for me was to have an approach where users could not easily find the location of PDF and download it. I have tried the PDF Flip mentioned by others and it is a little too slow to load for me.

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I have an on-line version of a 128-page book here: Yankee Lake History Book

This was made with an app called “Flip PDF” (Flip PDF For Mac: Convert PDF to Stunning Page-flipping eBooks on Mac.[FlipBuilder.com]). When Flash support ended, I had to switch to the HTML5-only version, which is more limited than Flash was, but it still works better than anything else I could find. It does not work very well on mobile, but that form-factor would not be ideal for viewing a book, even if it worked perfectly.

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