Two quickies - google font in HP and can i do this in bevel

Can i does this with bevel , I’ve tried different ways no luck yet.


In Header Pro the google fonts dont show up in the site but in the buttons stack they do

Both have the same setting and i downloaded your demo and my setting are the same as yours

Yes, the edge you’ve shown should be possible with Bevel but I’m not at my computer today to make you a sample.

Google fonts: you appear to have turned on subsetting and specified the only letters to be used are B, i, and g. - these three letters are the only ones that will get downloaded. If you want to subset and the text WEBSITES (in capitals) is what you want then ensure that this is entered into the subset text.

hi thanks for the bevel info, at your leisure , its a saturday and free support , whenever is good for you. I appreciate the help.

Google fonts
sussed that one. the photo was just to compare the settings of the demo. thx :)
Have a good weekend

Here is the bevel example - it took a little working out but we just overlay a white bevel over the top of the orange one but with a small percentage offset using the advanced positioning child and a Blueprint.

It is just a case of balancing the crop settings of the two bevels and the top offset % in the advanced position child.

and here is the project file:


huge thanks to you MR BWD i have no idea how to work out quite what you’ve done but its perfect.
I adjusted my layout as it was flattening one end some how, i dont know what i did lol but some padding and some luck and its sorted. If you ever need some vinyl lettering let me know !
The home page isn’t finished as i have another section to put in at the bottom and then move the home page style to theres of the site. Plus more pages , pictures etc etc , its endless lol…
But with your stacks and your very kind help its looking really good.

nice little detail heavy boarder with help from BWD and his Bevel Stack