Uikit 3 - in edit mode page scrolls to foot of page every time a new stack is added

I have just opened the Uikit project “Idea”, one of nine ready-made projects which came with Uikit 3.

Adding any stack to the page causes it to scroll automatically to the foot of the page. The same happens when a stack is deleted from the page.

This behaviour is frustrating my attempt to build a website based on Weaver’s Kingdom “Idea” project.

The project is ‘straight out of the box’ and I have made no changes to any of the default settings or stacks.

I am using Rapidweaver 8.3 and Stacks 4.0.0

Lucas, I wonder if you can advise?

Kind regards

Hey Langley I could not reproduce this one at all, neither in Stacks 3 or 4. Note that RW will remember your scroll position in preview mode, as in any other browser, so try to scroll to the top or any other position of the page in preview mode and than go to edit mode, add your stack and preview.

Other that this it’s hard for me to try to solve an issue that I cannot reproduce, but I’ll keep an eye on it maybe something comes to my mind or maybe other users could help as well.