UIKit 3 navbar with slideshow background?

Hi Lucas,

is it possible to have a navbar in the top area of a slideshow, not above? As if I could put a slideshow / slideshow stacks into the background image area of a navbar.
In this case I tried to change to a fullscreen banner slideshow version in your AVENUE project with a navbar with transparent background inside the slideshow image. But the navbar is always like a section with white background above the slideshow.
Thank you,


Hi Markus,

Sure you can do it this way:

  • Add a Section. You may choose the size and remove vertical padding.
  • Drop the Slideshow into the Section
  • Drop a Position to the Section, after the Slideshow. Set it to position top.
  • Drop the Navbar into the Position. Check the Navbar transparent option.

That’s all. The sandwich will look like this:



Hi Lucas,

wow, that was very easy! Thank you! And a very quick answer to my question, too.
It took a while to find the toggle for the vertical padding, but now its perfect. What a great framework and great support!


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