UIkit-3 + RapidSearch Promotion

Did you know that UIkit-3 has built-in search layouts, a dedicated Search stack and a search engine?

And what’s better is that the search layouts on the navigation bar or the stand alone Search stack can work beautifully with a 3rd party search stack, like Stacks4Stacks RapidSeach .

So from today all new and current customers can take advantage of a 20% off discount on RapidSearch, using the coupon included on the UIkit packages.

I’ve mailed all current UIkit users with the coupon, if you’re using UIkit and didn’t received my email please send me a message: support@archetypon.net

Promotion is kindly offered by @willwood from Stacks4Stacks. Thanks Will :slight_smile:

Get RapidSearch here: https://stacks4stacks.com/rapidsearch/
Watch a video on Search and 3rd party search engines: https://uikitstacks.com/documentation/videos/


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Just to add, I use those two together on loads of sites and it works really well.

An example is here: https://www.caffeineinjection.com/

In this instance, Rapidsearch is setup to search a custom sitemap, that includes all the regular site pages plus all instances of Poster 2.


In fact this is not news, I’ve published that video long time ago when tested the built-in UIkit-3 layouts with RapidSearch.

Didn’t knew about the ability to setup RapidSearch with a custom sitemap, that’s handy!

Is it not Rapisearch Live, now called Indexer, that has the custom sitemap options? or can you also configure it in the Google side that Rapidsearch uses for its search function?

@steveb is the search box on your site the stock UIKit one?

I’m not sure to be honest. There have been a lot of names for the various Rapidsearch solutions over the years.

The one I used to use the most was Rapidsearch Pro, which was brilliant and did allow a number of sitemaps to be added to the search setup. But that no longer works and Will has said sales were too low to develop, so it’s been binned. IMO a huge opportunity missed due to a lack of marketing, but that’s only my opinion.

Rapidsearch Live can only work with one sitemap, either the regular site one or a custom one.

On that site linked above I have the regular site map, plus sitemaps from about five instances of Poster, and I wanted them all searchable, so I created a custom sitemap, of all the other site maps… https://www.caffeineinjection.com/rslmap/sitemap.xml I then setup Rapidsearch Live to use it.

I could of course just had the Uikit Search stack do it all, and added a manual entry for each page, but that site must run near 100 pages now, so that wasn’t feasible.

The workaround I’ve found above is the best I can come up with. Hopefully, one day Will add more than one sitemap option to RSL, or maybe even resurrect Rapidsearch Pro, but for now, this workaround is not too bad to maintain, so it’ll do.

And yes, the search bar in the navbar of that site is completely UIkit default. It’s all done by simple clicking one box in the navbar settings. You have other display options, like a drop-down, or hover box etc. but on this site, I like the way it works bu replacing the navbar.

Indeed RapidSearch has no custom map search…

So I’m confused now!

By looking at the S4S site I can see that Rapidsearch is for using Google to search your site. Rapidsearch Live (which is what I’m using now) doesn’t appear on the S4S site, and the stack itself seems to link to the rapidsearchpro.com website, which is dead. So I’ve no idea if I’m now using an old stack!

There is a stack called indexer, which I think might be hte replacement for RSL, but I can see no reference to this on the product page, so really, I’m lost as to what is going on with the products.

I spent days working on the custom sitemap option for RSL, so if it turns out I’ve put all that work into a dead stack, I’ll more a bit pissed!

EDIT: I think I’ve worked it out, and I think I knew this, but forgot: Indexer replaces Rapidsearch Live. So what I’ve been talking about above is entirely not what you guys are talking about, apologies for that!

I do have indexer, but it seems like it can’t work with my custom sitemap, whereas RSL can, so I think that’s why I stuck with using RSL ands not switched to Indexer.

@Lucas I’ve somewhat now filled up your thread about your deal with meaningless drivel, so might be an idea to delete my comments?

No problems! Good to know that Indexer replaced RSL.