UIKit 3 Theme not accessible

Purchased and installed UIKit 3. But attempting to open the test file, I am informed that the theme is missing. It clearly is not missing.

What’s up?

This happened to me as well; it’s not only the UIKit tests that this happens with. I just apply the default theme to get the project to open, then apply the UIKit theme after the project is open. It’s not ideal, but it works fine.

Yes, that does work, thank you.

Unfortunately, I am finding the theme completely inscrutable. I imagined that the test file would be a lot more transparent in terms of processes and choices. The website videos, while somewhat more explicit, are really limited both in quantity and scope.

Sadly, I am having buyer’s remorse.

Admittedly, there is is a learning curve. But UIkit is well designed and very powerful, so if you take the efforts to learn the basics, I believe you will be happy with your choice. If you get stuck, you can ask questions in this forum. My experience is that people are more than willing to help.

Without wanting to appear to be pushing for sales, you may find my Skyline project helpful.

It’s a demo project for UiKit, designed to help you understand a lot of the features and power by giving you pre-built pages and sections.

It’s in the online store here. https://www.uikitter.com/store/

True. @Lucas, who created the stacks version of UIKit, is often on this forum and he is very helpful.

I second this. I learned enough from the Skyline project to use UIKit in a website.

However, and I don’t mean to be discouraging here, it helps if you know or are interested in learning some CSS. There are a number of CSS classes in UIKit.

I found it helpful to think of many of the components in UIKit as very basic building blocks. They may not do as much as components from other frameworks, but by combining them together, you can do quite a lot.

I felt this way too at first, the learning curve is steeper than some other themes, but once it clicks it’s actually very logical and uber powerful. Trust me, I’m rubbish at this kind of thing and I have now converted every site I’ve ever built in to UIKit and would never dream of using anything else. If I can get my head around it, so can you. :-)
Also, I’m 56 for god’s sake. I can’t even remember where I put my slippers! I still managed to learn this though. It’s well worth getting Steve’s (@TemplateRepo) demo project and some of the one’s on Lucas’ store, then just reverse-engineer them.


A little bit later than sooner, thank you, gentlemen, for your encouragement.

Second’d, third’d, and fourth’d. I’ve said a few times that I was lucky, in that I had a quiet spell with work (I build sites for clients) when I got UIkit3, so dedicated a good chunk of time to learning UIkit3 when I bought it. Frustration soon lead to elation once I learn how UIkit works, and learnt the classes that were important to my design style.

Since, I’ve not touched another framework (I shudder at the thought now) and have turned out about a dozen client sites with neither only UKIT3 native stacks, or mostly UIKIT stacks and a smattering of other third party.

My portfolio is here: https://www.caffeineinjection.com/portfolio/ Most of the more recent ones are UIkit, I’ve about another six to add too.

UIkit has immense power and control, and is super fast is edit/preview. It’s worth the learning curve.