UIkit and PHPJabber Scripts: Working!

Just reporting that UIkit plays really nicely with PHPJabber scripts.

If you’ve ever used any of the PHP Jabber scripts with the other main frameworks you will no doubt have hit the issues with margins, padding and columns getting messed up, it’s not so noticeable on large screens but as they get smaller the issues become more pronounced.

Typically I’ve found I have to spend an hour or so hacking the CSS to get things to display right.

I had someone way more knowledgable than me look at it and they concluded it was conflicts between the different types of column systems being used but the frameworks and the script: They were fighting each other and neither was winning! Or summit like that!

I’m building a site at the mo that uses one of their scripts and it’s working perfectly with no CSS hacking. To test I threw a few others at the page (I use a lot of PHP Jabber scripts!) and all displayed perfectly.

I don’t really understand why, to be honest, all I do know is that they display as intended, so figured it’s worth reporting!