[UIkit] New revision 3.2.1

Hey guys, I’m releasing a new version of UIkit today with many new stuff, improvements and some fixes. Star of this release is the new honeypot security in the Form, thanks @Ricardo for this one.
And as gradients are all back to rule now I’ve improved them in the Background stack adding the missing angle option: hope @Marten likes it.

All changes are here: https://uikitstacks.com/documentation/changelog/



Well that now means the session we did on css gradients at thr workshop yesterday was a waste of time!


Great work on thr update

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Oh blame Marten for that :)

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How do you get the latest version of UIKit? I have just downloaded from my original purchase link and it is version 3.1.1. The autoupdate in Stacks has never picked up any updates and I presume that’s how you want it.

Hi @Jonny5, this is odd here the updates are picked by Stacks just fine. Hard to tell what could be the issue, but I just uploaded the latest version to Cartloom as well so please download from there.