Uikit + Total CMS

Is it possible to use Joe Workman’s Total CMS with a website made with Uikit 3?

Never tested, maybe someone else could help. I used to use UIkit 2 + Armadillo with great results.

I’ll try it out and let you know if it works or not.

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There is no reason that it should not work with UI Kit, it works with every theme I have tried it on, including Foundry.

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You are quite right. Unthinking of me to ask the question in the first place. As they say, the proof is in the pudding.
Best wishes.

I have had some success in building an artist’s website using Uikit 3 and TotalCMS.

I have created several galleries using the TotalCMS feed stack set to display the ‘Cards’ masonry layout of thumbnail images and text. When a thumbnail image is clicked a modal window pops up to display the full size image. Currently there is transparent background. I want this back ground to be a solid white. Might there be some CSS to adjust this?

Also, I would like there to be larger gutters between the seperate ‘Card’ items in the thumbnail gallery? Perhaps there is some CSS to adjust this as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The test site is here: https://peterhopeassociates.co.uk/present-works/

Apologies for duplicating this post is repeated in the ‘General’ area.

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I think you could be better off posting on Joes dedicated support for TotalCMS.


Thank you Jonny for your suggestion. I have just repeated my request there.

Four years on and I am still using a combination of Uikit3 and TotalCMS to build evry one of the few websites I make for artists and writers.