UIkit3 Ecwid Shop Project Launch

I have launched a multi-page Ecwid Shop Project for the Ecwid Stacks and UIkit3 Stacks (both required).
Optionally some of the Axyn UIkit3 Add-on stacks are used as well (Datepicker and Honeypot), and the Google Translate stack (free) from Joe Workman.

Here is the project demo link: https://ecwidshopdemo.axyn.com

I’m offering a 15% launch discount with code: ECSHOPLH15

Happy weaving,



Ha! One day too late. I was wondering when this would come out but in the end built my shop site yesterday by tinkering around with your stacks. My shop parts are pretty similar to your shop parts so I must have done it right :-) Very simple to integrate Ecwid shop with them, so thanks for that at least!

Looks cool! Good stuff @Ricardo.

I’m just twiddling thumbs now waiting to see if Ecwid will send me a 50% off voucher… not so far…


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Hi @rojharris,

One day too late 😳🤣 , oh well
I’m glad to hear that you found the Ecwid stacks easy to integrate.
I’m working on some simple descriptions of how to use the stacks and settings in a page.
BTW re-download the Ecwid stack, as I already revamped the single product stack. I was going to post in the forum about the update, but it’s more appropriate that I sent those notices via email to the purchasers.



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Cheers @Ricardo, I’ll update now. I know what you mean, it’s a bit odd that it’s frowned upon, as how else are we supposed to find out if you’re not a major developer with your own section… I feel a bit sorry for Jurgen, with his Platform announcements getting shot down… Live and let live I say!


Each day at least RW will inform you of updates and you will get the information from the developer about that update in the window that pops up.

This forum is for ALL developers - there are no major or minor ones, it is a place where anyone can support their products. Anyone can have a developer category, even people producing projects / templates as well as stacks.

If every developer were to announce every minor point update then this forum would be overloaded with those posts and become useless for its primary purpose of providing support and communication in a way that is free from bias and pushy marketing.

No one is getting shut or shot down, all developers are just asked to behave in the best interests of everyone.

I think we would all agree with that and it is why we are committed to keeping this place free from partiality, bias and marketing. Informative announcements are completely fine, major releases, major updates etc are all fine too. Using point releases as a way to bump a post or to push sales is not fine - seems simple and fair.


I would add bug fix releases as well? Right?

Why not just update the original post. Adding extra threads about every update to me is a waste of space. As @tav mentions above:

I am no way trying to shut down any developer from talking about their products, but I have been on many forums, and creating threads like this when the original post title can easily be changed by the OP and the update information added there is a better way to do this.


That could be an option…

Hmmm. I’ve not had that happen for Ricardo’s stacks and some others too. Sometimes you have to download them again from the original purchase location. So the only way to know they are available is on here or via an email, which may or may not have been subscribed to.

OK, that’s cool. Didn’t know that.

Fair point.

I assumed this is what happens. Updates to a stack will be announced in the original post about the launch of that stack. Definitely not necessary to start a new thread.

It’s all good then. Carry on :-)

All stacks can update via the auto updater. If they do not it is because the developer has not enabled it. @Jannis and myself have often offered help to new developers if they are unsure on how to implement this.

The only other reason not to auto update is to withdraw updates after a certain period of time in order to re-charge customers for new versions. This is not a stance that is supported by this forum and if developers want the resultant income from that approach then they can use email or their own forum.

Also remember that there are a relatively small number of people on this forum and so other methods would be necessary any way.

More Generally

This is a privately funded forum. Developers can pay to set up their own forum and do whatever they want.

Using a forum which you are not in control of as a publication device for release notes (updates bug fixes etc) is a disservice to your customers.

This entire thing could be gone in a day and there would be no reference or back catalogue of release notes, no business should run like that. Most developers run a simple release notes archive on their sites - this is the proper way to do it. There is no argument to be made that the developer is small or new, I did all these things from the start and I don’t charge a penny for my stacks. It is just the right thing to do.

Can we now stop debating such minutia and get on using this place as a user focussed question arena to help people.



Although I think I have all the separate Axyn, Ecwid and Uikit3 stacks.
I see a few missing stacks and messages in the shop project.
Like the ‘Font File’ stack from Weavers Kingdom is missing.
As in the Footer Partial the ‘Spinner’ stack and the message ‘Add the Customizer stack to the page’.
Anny clue’s?


Hi @robertreinink,

I forgot to mention that Fontfile is an optional add-on from Weavers Kingdom. It just allows finer control over certain Ecwid individual elements, but it’s not strictly necessary. If you purchase it though, you can see the examples of how to apply specific fonts to specific elements.

As for the ‘spinner’, I guess an older version of the stack went. I will upload a new Ecwid Project which has the corrected spinner stack, and will notify you as soon as it is available.

Oh, the warning message in the partials is totally normal. You can disregard them, the customizer is on the site styles partial.



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Hi @robertreinink,

I have re-uploaded the Ecwid Project, and removed the fontfile stack and fixed the spinner stack at the footer. In the code settings you can find some of the Ecwid elements for which you can change the font. To control the Ecwid paragraphs, I used the free CustomFont stack in the site customizer partial.

Let me know if this helps.




@robertreinink, @wolf

However I still highly recommend Fontfile, as you can use local fonts to override specific font elements of Ecwid. You can add one or several Fontfile stacks in the site customizer partial, to add however many fonts you desire to different elements.


@pmjd, @robertreinink, @rojharris

I made some cosmetic changes to the Ecwid Project and Stacks, logos and icons… Ecwid like, but not Ecwid, lol. The stacks are the same, just changed the icons, functionality is the same, versions unchanged.

Now working on auto updates and documentation.