UIkit3 has it's own search stack!

Rather embarrassingly, I’ve only just discovered that UIkit3 has it’s own search stack.

Drag it to the page and it will connect to Rapidsearch Live for database-powered searches.

Don’t have Rapidsearch Live? No bother, it has its own built-in system whereby you add your own page title, page description and tags, along with a link to the actual page, for each page on your site, and boom, you’ve got yourself an instance site search.

I’m mentioning this as I’d consider myself a bit of an advanced user of UIkit, as I’ve used it since launch and built loads of sites using it, but I never spotted the search stack!


In fact the Search stack is there as does a basic search engine. This is a static engine which may be useful in most cases, but the good part is that you can use both: stay with UIkit-3 layout and use a third party search engine just the results.

That’s a video about it here: https://uikitstacks.com/documentation/videos/


@Lucas or anyone else…

By default the search stack passes the search query to the search page like so… ?q=searchstring is it possible to change this? Ideally, via an option in settings? But if not, in the short term by editing the stack.

In an instance of using the stack I need the string passed to be ‘?query=’.