UiKitter on Rapidweaver Central Live Session: TONIGHT!

Hi folks, just a reminder that I will be on @Martens Rapidweaver Central Live Session Show this evening at about 5-6pm UK time.

I will be chatting about the UIkit3 demo project I soft-launched last week called Skyline and I will also be introducing my new UIkit starter project FOOBAR

Discounts will be available during tonight’s show for both projects.

More about the Live Session here: Getting One’s Kit Off For The Weavers

For those who can’t make it tonight a (lesser) discount will be on the forum on Friday when UiKItter and the projects get the official launch :-)


Wish you guys a good time…see you in August!

Congrats @TemplateRepo Steve on the official launch!

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@steveb thanks for your time, knowledge and dedication - I learnt much last evening!!


On behalf of myself and @TemplateRepo ;-) you are very welcome.

I’ve taken a tonne of help from the community over the years, so more than happy to be able to give a little back.