UK snowmageddon


I live in Maine and its supposed to be around 20 for a high later in the week and in the single digits for a low temp. its actually going to be in the 30’s the next 2 days before it goes back down to something normal.

We actually just got hit with some snow Sunday and got anywhere from 10" - 18" in the one storm.

Then it turned to sleet.

Gotta love it.


It seems my prediction of snow in England from 15 days ago proved correct!

I cheated a bit though. I did some model run analysis and a bit of geeky number crunching.

More snow for northern US and Canada predicted for the next 7 - 10 days. Huge snowfall accumulations forecast for the Spanish Pyrenees for the next couple of days too.


As carnivores get a lot of their nutrients from eating herbivores you are best to eat the vegetarians in your group first. Stay healthy!


@steveb is veggie 😋


In many ways ;-)


He’s be incredibly bitter and hard to stomach but there’d be the advantage of all the hot air he keeps trapped inside to warm you up.


OK, here are the temperatures in my area for the next 7 days. We are a little north of this TV station, so we will be 2-3 degrees cooler. Top temperatures are highs for the day, bottom are lows. The snow Sunday/Monday could be as much as a foot. Going to be a fun week…


But that’s Fox, so it’s probably a heat wave in reality.


Not the Fox you think it is.


This should warm you up. Our 7 day forecast.


Start of the week we had minus figures, yesterday is was plus 10. This is clear a sign as you can get that global warming isn’t working. We need EVERYDAY in jan at 10 degrees, not these mad temp shifts.

I’m off to run the engine on the 4x4 for a few hours, just doing my bit to warm this cold place up.

Gonna be 20 degrees today in the place I should be, Alicante. Roll on a few weeks :-)


Having lived in the Swiss mountains for ten years, I’m used to up to two meters (in one night) of snow and temperatures as low as -35ºC.
The current temperature here in northern Thailand is 32ºC. However, this morning we had 8ºC.
Heating is unheard of here, so climbing out of a warm bed is quite an ordeal!


Ok hate to keep bringing this up, but here is this morning’s temps (look at the wind chill).

I know @tav loves seeing this weather guy we have.


Thats so cold that F and C are the same … bloody hell


Years ago we were in Ireland for Christmas. On the radio we heard “Snow catastrophe in England and Ireland” and we thought about traveling, we borrowed snow chains and then we drove. It was wonderful: No cars on the motorway - everything was free. Snow? Yes, the highway was a little bit powdered with snow, not worth mentioning. In Ireland we took the bus. It began to snow a little bit. A bus came towards us, the two busses stopped and the bus drivers got off and discussed if they should turn around because of this terrible weather.

In my home country (Rhön, it’s up to 950m) we sometimes had temperatures down to -25 C in winter. Once I had a small holiday job: We had to dig a locomotive out of the snow. Long time ago, would like to have some more snow again


We had a few of those days when I was in University in Saskatchewan. The term ‘takes your breath away’ when you step outside comes to mind. It’s crazy.


Yeah, I am an asthmatic so I have even harder times breathing when it is this cold… BRRRRRRR


Snow arrived briefly yesterday in Cornwall. It’s all melted, but it seems everybody has taken a day off work as a precaution. Thankfully the palm trees survived.



To all my fellow winter cycling enthusiasts. These are the tyres I run on my spare bike, when ‘beast from the east’ or ‘polar vortex’ pays us an annual visit:

Schwalbe Marathon Winter Performance 26 X 2.00s. With ice studs, 3M reflectives and kevlar protection. They will ‘stick’ to absolutely anything. Forget fat bikes, these are the business!

I did not have the GoPro camera the first few years I had them. I did a number of miles on them before I had the camera. Last year was pretty sparse for snowfall, but I did record a quick video of me testing them on some seriously slippery back streets around town:

These tyres will get you up and down hills you cannot even stand on. I paid about £30 for a pair for them, from Amazon. One of my Swedish friends recommend them to me, for my snow adventures on Dartmoor.


@willwood They look cool, but riding on ice will always end it tears. At least it did many times for me. Have fun and report back.