Unable to Export Error

This thread was closed, but I feel like I have some information to share. I’m at 8.1.6 and this happened to me this morning. I have no clue why, but it occurred on one project and not another.

I opened up a new project and dragged every page into the new project, copied the code page(s) and publishing info and everything is back up and running in about 10 minutes.

Hope this helps anyone else stuck on this error trying to preview their site within RW.


Were you exporting to a remote server or to a local folder?

Just previewing the project in RW.

If you still have the problem project file, then it may be worth sending into Realmac to investigate why it won’t preview.

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“Site Export Failed” is a generic message – and the rest of the dialog box contains lots of extra details.

The original post had a specific case – due to the logo. It sounds like you had the exact same thing. I know you said that. And I believed you…


I also get at least one support email per day of someone saying “I had this exact problem” – but their problem was in fact quite a bit different. Often while doing support reading-between the lines is necessary. And I wanted to make sure…

Sorry if my post came out a bit blunt. I think I was on a tear answering questions. I might have answered a few of them quite a bit less politely than I should have. Thanks for letting me know. I’m going back and amending a few other posts too. 😃


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No worries. : )