Universal Control. Monterey new (beta) feature.... Awesome

This one has been a long time coming, but it’s here at last and works brilliantly.

I have two Macs on my desk. An iMac running an external and a Mini rinning a single screen. So two machines, three screens. And key lots of keyboards and mice, which has always been a PITA.

There are some third party apps that allow for the use of a single keyboard and mouse across two machines, but they’re all flakey at best. I tried them all, but went back to two KB’s/mouse etc.

Then I heard about Universal Control, which is Apples version of the feature and baked into the newest version of Monterey. I’ve held off upgrading to it until this came along and was seeming to work. Today I bit the bullet and upgraded the iMac and Mini and UC works perfectly. :-)

One keyboard and mouse now moves smoothly between all three screens, as if a single machine. Drag and drop works and even cut and paste between machines. It’s all very clever and seamless.

And if you are an iPad person, you can even throw it into the mix, using the same keyboard and mouse for your Mac(s) and the iPad. I don’t do iOS so don’t have an iPad, so haven’t tried it, so can’t report if it works as well as two Macs. But I hear it’s also faultless.

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One thing it can’t do is dragging stacks on a page from a project on one Mac to the other. It almost does it, but doesn’t drop.

@isaiah I realise this is real “corner-case” stuff, but be cool this is can be added down the line.

I guess the application (RW, Stacks) would have to implement special APIs for that.

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@TemplateRepo I’m with you re: Universal Control. Works flawlessly between my Mac and iPad. Love it!

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