Unlimitab with Source

Has anyone else had a problem with Unlimitab with Source? I have a page which shows fine in Preview, but is blank online:


I duplicated the page, intending to delete the original, and then found that the copy views normally both in Preview and online:


I would very much appreciate if someone with more understanding could explain what is going on. It just seems random to me.

(I have done the usual clear-out of old files with ftp). Please don’t worry about the content. I know the content and layout are a work in progress.


Many thanks


If you add index.html to the first url, it loads. Is it possible you also have a .php .cgi or something in that folder? is the file name actually index.html in the RW project?

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There is nothing at that address. Looks like whatever you saw in Preview was not uploaded to your server.

Not sure what you mean by the “usual clear-out” but this statement sounds suspicious based on what you are reporting.

I suggest you republish all files and upload to that page again.

Prizes to you both. Very many thanks. Problem solved.

Scott was right - there was an old index.php file in the folder. God knows from where.

Webdeer was also right - the solution was to republish and re-upload. I had already cleared the server, and republished to a folder, ready to ftp, but of course, the php file was obviously lurking in the desktop folder, so when I uploaded, it went back up to the server. Lesson learned: clear everything before you republish all files.

Sometimes I think that I spend too much money on Rapidweaver, and too much time, but moments like this make it so worthwhile.

Many thanks