Unlimited Tabs in RapidWeaver

Have you ever been in the situation where your client wishes to include reams and reams of information on a single web page? The problem isn’t adding the information, the problem is adding the information whilst keeping the page compact and accessible.

Unlimitab is Weavium’s latest stack and as the name would suggest, the stack allows you to add unlimited tabs to an area of your page, thus keeping your page compact whilst allowing whole catalogues of information to be included. Seriously – the whole house, including the kitchen sink! I gave up after adding 20 tabs and I’m quite certain that you won’t need more…

Read more at: https://rw-ninja.news/Unlimitab

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I tried to look at the launch page for the stack, but it refused to load. I did a test and Pingdom says the page 125mb!

I can’t believe that’s true, but certainly, I can’t get the product page for the stack to completely load so something seems to be wrong somewhere.