Unwanted Undenting in Scribe Bulleted List Inside Poster 2

@Jannis @tav Inside a Poster 2 container, I am using Scribe to add text to this page: Multi-Use Court is in Play!

The bulleted list in the Scribe stack is undented and I cannot figure out why, or how to fix it. Indeed, I would like it to be indented a bit, but cannot figure that one out, either.

If you add a standard markdown stack or scribe stack to a stacks page (so not related to poster) and add same content, what happens then?

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There is a setting in Scribe that will let you override the theme position for bullets.

Set this to indented and it should do what you want

Screenshot 2021-08-15 at 10.04.41

Makes it look like this:


@Jannis @tav Thank you for the quick responses! I had tried changing the List Align and List Text Align options under the Scribe-Styles section but had somehow overlooked the Scribe-Lists section. So sorry to have wasted your time! Maybe this post will help someone else in the future. Thanks again!


Nor a waste of time at all. Glad to help.

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