Updated Website on Laptop is perfect, on mobile it's completely messed up!

Hi all,

I updated my site from RW6 to RW8, the latest version, 8.1.7. On my laptop it looks and works perfectly.
In the simulator it looks good (on most pages), but on my iPhone 8, it’s completely messed up, stacks are missing, buttons don’t show, and size proportions are wrong.
Please take a look on your mobile: https://popenoemethod.com

Some pages are ok, many are not. I’m using the latest Glide theme. “Use responsive layout” is checked for all pages. “Stacked columns” is checked when there’s more than one stack. So many problems. Is there something I’m not doing that I should be? Please advise if you can. I’m not a super tech guy. Thanks in advance! Josh

Well, I figured out the problem, most of it anyway. The browser cache on my phone was full of the old site, and that was screwing it all up. Cleared the cache, and that did the trick. Still have some questions about how the mobile layout is supposed to work in RW, and after I do what tweaking I can, I may be back with a question or two, but for now, disaster averted! :)