Upgrading to RW 8.1 best practice

I always follow this procedure when updating to a new version of RW

  • Rename my existing RW app, say Rapidweaver 80
  • Download the full new RW zip file
  • Unzip and rename the app, say Rapidweaver 81
  • Drag the app file to my applications folder
  • Create a new folder for each of my RW projects
  • Copy the existing version RW project and move the copy to the new folder
  • Rename the project e.g. Project 81.rw8
  • Only use the duplicate project file with the new version of RW

If the new version doesn’t play nice, then I just use the previous version with the previous version project file.

I NEVER just choose ‘upgrade RW’ and I ALWAYS make sure I am using a duplicate version of the project file with the new version of RW.