Upload Button in Foundation Form

Is there an option to realise a simple upload button in a contact form built with Foundation?

I seem to recall that Joe alluded vaguely to an undocumented upload feature in Foundation. This caught my attention at the time but I had already sorted my upload requirements with the excellent Repository from inStacks.

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Do you mean “Send”?

Just add a regular Foundation button and set the type to send form. You can also set one to reset form from memory.

O.K. - I will ask Joe

No, I want to have a button for uploading files in the contact form

Sorry, didn’t even know there was an upload feature!

It is not a feature, it is a hidden part of forms that Joe does not support, but will give away the code to anyone who wants to try it. I do not remember what it is, but just a small snippet of PHP code.

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add this into an html stack in the form:
<input type="file" name="file"/>


O.K. works fine. But…

Is it possible to change to language: When I use it I have “Choose file” and “No file selected” Not really a good option for non English webpages?

How to use that code with a Button or maybe a custom image?

You aren’t able to change these texts. The browser itself is generating them, depending on the browser language. In theory, if your browser is set to German, also German texts should appear.

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