Use of Button Plus 2 within Foundry for Pop Drop stack

I am trying to find a way to do a button with text and icon for a Pop Drop modal window within Foundry.

I understand that the Foundry button won’t work as it can’t pass parameters (earlier Stacks limitation) while the default RapidWeaver button does work (but no icon or gradient support).

I tried to use Button Plus 2 (both by adding the property and also with the default built in Pop Drop support) but it also doesn’t seem to work. Is Button Plus 2 only for use with Foundation and not with something like Foundry? Or am I missing something?

Thanks, Jim

Hi Jim,

ButtonPlus 2 will work fine in Foundry as long as you add the BP defaults stack to the page.
You can then use it either of the ways you described (using the custom attribute setting or using the direct popdop child).

Any problems let me know and I’ll make you a little example.

CleanShot 2022-02-22 at 09.19.44@2x

Happy to say that it is now working perfectly. Not sure what the problem was.

Also like the customization options for size/text/etc on the buttons - allows me to closely match to some other buttons that are built into some other stacks.


Glad to hear that and thanks so much for the donation.