UserAccess Stack - create simple membership sites

Hi all,

I am glad to release the new UserAccess Stack.

This stack is an authentication and authorization solution for RapidWeaver. You are able to create simple membership sites with this Stack.

It has also an integration with Repository 2. An integration with Poster 2 is currently in the works.


Wow just what I needed, thank you :-) Is it possible to lead different logins to different pages?

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It’s a site wide authentication and authorization solution. So logged users are logged in site wide.

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Taken on the fly, thanks for the discount.

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Hej Jannis

What is the group setting? Can I create other groups? For example I have a login for workers in two different bakeries. The shop people need to see the exact same pages. Can I create a group called “shoppersonel” that will see the same page and another group called “bakers” that will see another page?

The group setting is just a comma separated string, where you are able to define the group names.

Just make sure not to use blanks in the names 😉

Exactly. Or see the same page with different content areas.


Newbie question - so when you say sitewide and I’m using a subdomain, does it go outside the subdomain for everything or just everything in the subdomain itself?

Just everything inside the subdomain.

Thanks - I have Page Safe (Joe workman Which can password protect something - can this be inside user access and password protest specific pages? Probably dumb, just curious :)

Should work together, yes.

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Hej Jannis how about plug-in pages, how can we protect them with your stack?

Kind Regards

Well, it’s Stacks plugin dependent. There is a lot of PHP involved.

Which plugin?

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Formloom. But it has its own protection, but I am reading it into another page where people already are logged in. So it will be a hassle for people to make another login. But do not bother about it. I have formsnap also, and can easily redo it :-) Don’t want to waste your time, better use that for making more nice stacks for us :-)

BTW I am almost finished implementing UserAccess stack on our company site that has a lot of protected pages. It is really easy to implement once understanding how it works. I have 3 user groups now. Shop staff, bakers and administrators. It is also really fast to implement using Partials. So I am happy replacing the good old Lockdown plugin with these stacks. The only thing I am missing is the possibility to automatically lead different groups to different pages. Now I just give them the possibility, on the pages they login, to select the page they should go. Are they going to the wrong page, they will be lead to a “Access forbidden” page that will redirect them to the login page after a few seconds. I was thinking that maybe a redirect could be achieved when someone from a group login. I mean, if redirect from other groups is hidden by stack protect, then the one revealed could contain some sort of redirect? UPDATE, forget about it, it works with a redirect. That means I have most of the functions of the old Lockdown plugin. I can now automatically redirect people to the various pages they are supposed to login to… very nice :-)


Exactly, that would have been my proposal also. I will include a redirect stack into UserAccess in the next update 👍

Keep the feedback coming, it’s a brand new stack, so I am happy to hear about implementation use cases 🙂


Yes, will do :-) Another very nice thing I discovered by using UserAccess is that on two pages, I have a production planning system, for the weekly planning of how much should be planned for the current week. This a very extensive system that produces production lists for each of the week days, with recipes and total use of ingredients etc. It is therefore off course very sensitive, cannot have people messing with those :-) These I have limited access to by manually protecting them with an obscure login system. This is now not necessary anymore since I now just use a Stack Protect stack with the relevant user group. That means the production planner just make his/her login and then automatically have access to those sensitive functions. Anyone else seeing these two pages do not have access to these functions. Also very nice, and an additional login is not necessary anymore. They are going to love this! It also means that UserAccess is more comprehensive than the obsolete Lockdown plugin.


Perfect example how I envisioned the usage of the UserAccess Stack. Thanks @Kent for sharing 😃