Using Nucleo to manage SVG's

I’ve got a large SVG library now, but feck me it’s a nightmare using it. I need a way to manage my most used. I’ve tried Icon Jar but not keen on their pricing model, so I’m thinking I can use the asset feature of AF to create SVG libraries.

Anyone done this?

Nucleo is a must have. And it’s free.


Perfect. Ta.

@habitualshaker Have you bought the icon set?

$100 for about 30k SVG’s, seems good value!

Just downloaded Nucleo and added my FA5 SVGs and it is impressive.

Can you point me to where to get the FA5 svg’s from?

Yeah - i did buy them. They were on offer at one point. They are a nice set.

Question for you then: The website says 30k of icons, with five sizes and three styles.

Is that 30k made up of multiple versions of the same icons, or is it actually 30k of different icons, in the different sizes/styles?

pretty sure it’s not 30K different icons. Just had a quick look in my library and there are about 9 versions of each icon.

Ya, had a feeling that might be the case. So 30k becomes about 3k really quickly!

Might see if a deal comes up on them at some point.

You can download the regular and brand FA5 icons as SVGs at

I bought the Pro pack during the kick-starter campaign so have the duotone, light and solid as well. To be honest I lost track of the FA5 icons I have so it will be interesting if I can make sense of it with Nucleo.

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Thanks for that.

On the subject of Nucleo, which is bloody brilliant, thanks @habitualshaker for the heads-up. You can opt to keep the library on Dropbox (or other “cloud” service) and so share the library over many devices. A very handy feature which some of the paid-for apps don’t support.

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Yeah it’s great.

Right-clicking for the ‘copy svg code’ is a massive time saver. Also handy is that you can set it up to strip out the width and height values from the code which is (generally) a useful thing to do.

I was blown away with that feature. Finally a good SVG manager that really adds useful SVG functions and is more than a visual browser.

I still can’t work out how to do it, so if any of the mods are here maybe split this thread and start a new one about Nucleo? It deserves to be bought to attention of everyone here.


I’ve just seen those options in settings, what are the benefits of doing this and are there any downsides?


I think it has actually been discussed on here before now I think about it.

Splitting is a good shout. Will see if I can figure that out…

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In fact it maybe just needs renaming?

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Some SVGs have a width and height set in the SVG code. E.g. if such an SVG had a width and height of 100px then if you loaded that SVG onto a page it would appear at 100px x 100px. In other words, it wouldn’t scale up to fill its container. This can be a good thing and perfect for small icons on a page but not ideal if using a SVG for background (although perfect for a tiled original size SVG tile pattern background).

True, being that there was only one post before yours!