Using Source and tCMS - Fonts too small

I am using the Monochrome template for Source, and have used a tCMS blog inside of it. Inside of the Admin page all of the fonts are very small, and I can’t seem to find how to enlarge them.

I have changed the Form Sizing inside of CMS Core, but nothing has changed. I was able to change the Input Sizing in the Admin Core, but that does not change what shows in each blog post in the Admin area.

In the picture below you can see the small fonts to the right hand side of each post.

Any way to enlarge these fonts?

If there’s no setting in TCMS to adjust that text item then I’d need a url to give you some CSS.

Other option is to reset the font sizing in Source (in the Base stack) to use standard sizing (as opposed to the adjusted sizing). This though would throw out all of your other text on the page - which you would then have to adjust.

Thank you. The site is

I thought I could do it in the CMS Core stack, but it does not seem to affect the font size. I may have missed something else that could be done but do not know what it could be.

I would think the CSS may be the best way to go.

Here you go:

kbd.category, .post-date {
    font-size: 1.2rem !important

Just change the font size to whatever value you like. You could split these out if you want different sizes for each.

Thank you for the quick reply! This worked great. I just took it up to a 1.4 and everything looks much better.

Thanks again!

Btw love the Monochrome Project!

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