Using Source with Total CMS

Is it possible to use Source with Total CMS for banner images? (i.e. is it possible to use Total CMS images as the background for a Container Plus stack?)


Hi @gcspoon - if you mean via a macro then no - as they need to be processed in HTML whereas background images are set in the CSS.

Would using a warehouse link not do what you need? If the full link is for an image that is managed in TCMS then i would presume that it could be replaced/managed there (as long as the name/url remains unchanged). I don’t have / know TCMS so have no real idea how it works.

There are a good few Source users that also use TCMS so perhaps others might have some advice too…

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What a great idea! Images uploaded via TCMS always have the same file name and path, so I can use the path as the warehouse URL. Thanks!!

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I would have also a use case of a background image set inside the inline CSS (so html part of the Stack) instead of the CSS file 😉

Sections Pro does this when you select CMS backgrounds so that macros are replaced correctly.

I do however always warn people about the negative implications regarding CSP of inlining CSS and make sure that they know how to allow this.

Ob that’s cool. I have to try out.

Does Paragraph Pro or Blueprint also have this setting?

Paragraph Pro has a tag setting that allows the <p> tag to be replaced by a <div> so that styles are not broken when block level items are introduced from a CMS macro that is inserting HTML.

HeaderPro also accepts CMS toggles (simple YES/NO Y/N strings) to turn on and off the badge images.

Demo of Header and Paragraph features with CMS - this one is obviously Total/ Easy CMS but the features are independent of that.

Information about how to use SectionsPro with a CMS - last part of this page

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Thanks @tav! I’ve been using background images with TCMS + Sections Pro, but I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do it with Source stacks too. Using the URL of the TCMS image as a warehoused image works great!