Vegas stack being used in the wild?

Hi all,

anyone using this stack on a site and care to share the URL? Doobox has a 50% sale on and I’m tempted by its simplicity, but would like to see it in action.



Hi rob
ken burns effect for the slider. Really easy to use.

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Looks good. Thanks.

Any others?


and another…although updating this website will still keep using the Vegas stack

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That’s great. Thanks.


Hi Rob

I do not believe warehoused images are supported - but happy to be proven wrong.


I think you’re right. IIRC Gary isn’t a fan.

Just bought it. For a fiver you can’t go wrong. It’s a great, easy to use slider.

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Hi, I have used vegas on this website many times:
it is not possible to use warehoused images. It’s possible to change aspect ratio, overlay and animation.
I find it very easy and useful.


great stack !

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